I Drew the Maid Poster~!

Written by Minty

Minty Drew the Poster!


I wanted to share something fun with you that you may not know about me! I draw the art for La Parfait myself! At our recent convention, Matsuricon, we had the opportunity to not only serve goshujinsama at the VIP lounge, but we also got the chance to sell our first ever poster at our merch table~! Since I was the one who created the poster, I wanted to share with you my experience making it ^w^

As you can see from the above photo, the poster is only of the maids (hopefully a butler version will be coming soon~). I wanted to capture each maid’s individual moe in their poses, in the way they smile, and in their eyes.

After the poster was nearly completed, La Parfait had its annual photo shoot. As one of the poses, I really wanted to try to recreate the poses we were in for the poster. It wasn’t a perfect recreation, but I think it has character of its own~! Yuuki and Satsuki couldn’t be directly behind us because Yuuki was too short…hehehe

You can now purchase the poster, and even a print of the maids in the poster-pose at our future events~! Many goshujinsama already bought them and had all the maids and butlers sign it, which brings me sooooo much happiness~!!

<3 Minty

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