Maid Minty

Founder, Owner, and Head Maid of La Parfait
Rank: Head Maid

Hobbies: Dancing, drawing

Favorite Food: Mints

Source of Moe Magic: Mints

Favorite Animal: Cats

Dislikes: Candy canes that aren’t mint flavor

Meet Minty at: SEMOcon (2018), Tasty Peach Grand Opening (2018), Amaicon (2018)

Events Minty Served: Evillecon (2017, 2018), Matsuricon (2017, 2018), Anime Milwaukee (2018), Jennings County Library Comic Con (2018),  Anime Blues Con (2018), Gencon (2018)

Minty's Blog

Follow Minty’s moe adventures here!

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