Interested in being apart of the La Parfait staff? Click the link above to fill out our application! Please read through the F.A.Q. below if you have questions regarding the hiring process.

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Interested in having La Parfait host a maid cafe at your convention, event, or party? Fill out our booking form, and we will be in contact with you to make your event 100% more magical!

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Do you have additional questions that are not answered in our F.A.Q. bellow? We would be delighted to answer your questions! Click the link to follow to our email address. 


"Which Cons/Events will you be at?"
We keep our website and social media updated with our newest con announcements as soon as things are finalized with the event. You can trust that whichever conventions we have listed on these platforms will be 100% confirmed!
“I want to see La Parfait at certain con! How can I see them there?”
We are so happy you want to see us at more events, goshujin-sama! The best way to have La Parfait host a maid cafe at your favorite con is to send that con an email, message, or comment suggesting that La Parfait should host their maid cafe! You have the most power in getting La Parfait to a con near you!
"I want to work for La Parfait as a maid or butler! How can I apply?"
  • If you would like to apply, you may by clicking the “sign up” button on our Facebook home page. Although our applications are always opened, it is important to note that we are not always hiring. A La Parfait representative will get back to you typically within 3-4 weeks. If someone does not contact you within that time period, we may not be actively recruiting. We will keep your application on file, and if you are a good fit, we will get back to you during a time that we are hiring.
“What are you looking for in a maid or butler?”
To work for La Parfait, you are required to drive to the Indianapolis area weekly for meetings, and be 17 or older. Personality and confidence are the most important features of a maid or butler!
“What are the ranks in La Parfait and what do they mean?”
  • Apprentice: Someone still in their 12 weeks of training. Wish them luck!
  • Table Maid/Butler: A Maid or Butler who has completed all of their training and passed their test. They are now able to serve Goshujinsama!
  • First Rank: A maid or butler that has received high marks on their exam. First Ranks will serve as mentors for new Apprentices.
  • Idols: A maid or butler that has received high marks on their dance test and demonstrative test. They will preform the most dances and be seen at the most events.
  • Assistant Head: Right hand for the Head Maid or Butler. This title is given to one who preforms above and beyond.
  • Head Maid/Butler: The prime example for all maids or butlers to come. Performs perfectly, and is a guiding light for the entire cafe.
“What does your menu consist of?”
Since we travel to different events and each venue has different food-related policies, our menu may differ every time. We typically serve sweet treats, coffees, teas, and sodas!
“I would like La Parfait at a birthday/party/festival/other non-convention event. Is this possible?”
Absolutely! send us an email or message us on Facebook, and we can discuss the details.
“Is La Parfait family-friendly?”
Certainly! Our staff is trained to keep conversation appropriate for all ages. We have had many children attend our cafes and have put on events for kids as well~!
“What can I expect at a session?”
You will be escorted in and greeted by our maids and butlers, after which you will enjoy a delicious treat. You will have the opportunity to play games with those at your table led by your maid and butler, and enjoy cute dance performances!
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